Insights from SaaS pioneers, adopting eApp model

eApp model is gaining momentum. What are the experiences of SaaS pioneers ?

In the midst of the buzz around cloud computing, there is steady optimism building for one of its least understood forms: software as a service (SaaS). SaaS has unique advantages, offering the speed and savings of alternatives like infrastructure as a service and platform as a service, while allowing the user to retain choice and control over applications and data.

To gain an understanding of current attitudes and activities in the SaaS/eApp space, the Broadmantle Centre for Cloud Insights conducted a study of more than 1,500 decision makers from 18 countries. The study identified a group of Pioneers – early adopters of SaaS – who are beginning to see its strategic benefits. To the Pioneers, adopting SaaS is a way to drive innovation and improve the entire application life cycle, not just cut costs. The Pioneers have also addressed and moved past common concerns enterprises have regarding ROI and security, focusing instead on performance and service quality.

Here is the info-graphics  succinctly showing the core messages of this report:

SaaS to eApp journey
SaaS to eApp journey

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